Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Star1 Airlines adds flights without aircraft

Vilnius: Despite having no planes, Lithuanian Star1 Airlines will soon operate five flights to London a week. "London is one of the most important destinations for the Lithuanian business community," says Star1 Airlines Communications Manager Ausra Tursiene. Asked how flights could be added without aircraft, Tursiene explained “When it's dark, we sneak out and cover the exterior of another company's plane with Velcro. Then we distribute insulated Velcro suits to all our fee paying passengers, and they just ‘climb aboard.’ “ According to Tursiene, this is both ethical and environmentally friendly. “We have zero emissions on our Velcro flights, although we’ve had to discontinue in flight drinks service,” she admits. The company’s slogan has been changed to “Stick With Us.”

1 comment:

  1. i didn't think this was real. How could anyone survive doing that. Then i read that the velcro suits are isolated so maybe it dos work. Dos anyone else know?