Monday, December 14, 2009

Pope Furious with Lithuanian Catholics

"The Lithuanians show zero respect toward Joseph, Mary, and Jesus," said a Holy See spokesman for Pope Benedict XVI. "This kind of portrayal is unforgivable." Old Town Vilnius, which has attracted throngs of tourists by boasting of having the greatest number of nativity scenes in eastern Europe, has created papier-mâché likenesses of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus as if the trio were Mongol horsemen. "Vatican policy clearly states that the three must be crafted with Anglo-Saxon features with eyes never larger than an American 25-cent piece," said the spokesman.
The Vatican has recalled Lithuania's Cardinal and privately confirmed that revocation of Lithuania's Catholic Operating License was under consideration. Lithuania's Ministry of Education has moved quickly to discipline the children involved in the project, calling upon the Pope to excommunicate children and teachers involved.

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  1. Children were involved in making Papier-mache' figures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, right? Things to 'pontificate'
    1) The teacher was obviously teaching them about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - and that deserves excommunication?
    2) The CHILDREN made the figures, not professional artists, made the figure to HONOR Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - and THAT deserves excommunication?
    And you wonder why so many Catholics "stand silent" (like American nuns)? Are we REALLY to stand for THIS?