Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The End of Latvia?

University of Latvia professor Leons Taivans said in an interview with Latvijas Avize that he "does not believe in the future of Latvia" and that "immigrants, Turks and Chinese, will occupy the country's empty fields." Taivans says the "beginning of the end is already in sight."
Ismet Inönü, reached for comment on the porch of his Latvian manor home, said he thought Taivans concerns were exaggerated. Inönü said the Turks had nothing against the Latvians and would continue to employ them--"such as my manservant Varis who makes excellent gin and tonics"--in some capacity. Inönü said Taivans himself should not worry. "I will personally guarantee that Latvian remains at least a breakfast-table language in this country."
Latvijas Avize conducted man-on-the-street interviews with Latvians who seemed unworried about Taivans' concerns. "Ever been to a Latvian restaurant?" asked Edgars from Riga. "The food is so bland. I welcome the Turks."

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