Friday, December 18, 2009

Ansip accused Pihl of employing KGB methods

Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip responded to the accusations leveled against him by the chairman of Social Democrats Jüri Pihl, stating that they were “repulsive and depressing.” Ansip said “It is sad that a political leader no longer wants to deal with solving the problems facing Estonia and is instead using KGB-like methods to achieve political success.” When asked for specifics, he continued “we had a meeting scheduled. Suddenly, someone slaps a hood over my head, throws me in a van, flies me to a Lithuanian horse farm, beats the bottom of my feet with a horse whip and accuses me of being a pashtuni jihadist,” apparently confusing KGB with CIA methodology. When this correspondent pointed this out to him, Ansip replied “oh yeah. Never mind.”

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