Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freedom Monument Powered by 60W Bulb

Estonia's controversial 10-million euro Freedom Monument, whose lights have failed it since its constructions, will now finally burn bright. "We have found the funds to replace the 60-watt bulb," said Peeter Parandus, the City of Tallinn's full-time handy man. "When Mayor Savisaar arrived for work this morning in his black Mercedes saloon, he handed the bulb to me himself." Parandus immediately rented a crane and ascended the structure (see photo). "This bulb," he shouted from above, "was in Edgar's bathroom just this morning. It's his personal bulb!" A Centre Party press release later echoed Parandus' sentiments about the personal sacrifices of city leaders in this time of financial difficulties. A press conference followed at Gloria Restaurant.


  1. Savisaar keeps those light bulbs in his jowls. True.

  2. Anybody seen my light bulb? I am an old, poor man. A couple of days ago I was walking in Vene street, having just bought a light bulb from a shop with my pension money. Suddenly a stocky guy attacked me, wrestled the bulb out of my hand and pushed me to the ground. I saw him stepping on a black Mercedes.

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