Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lithuanians Take Strong Stance, and the Soap

“The clock has ticked down to zero,” said the UN's climate chief, Yvo de Boer. “After two years of negotiation, the time has come to deliver.”
The Lithuanians, led by Gintaras Polutaloticius, looked around for a clock. "Whatever de Boer is talking about, nuclear energy is green, and the Lithuanians can be fully trusted with the construction and management of a nuclear facility where if something went wrong half the world would be destroyed," Polutaloticius said through an interpreter. Other members of the delegation could be seen filling large plastic bags with swag from the fair, including refrigerator magnets, computer memory sticks, and logoed Post-it notes. "We've already got the hotel soap," said a delegation member. "So there's nothing left for the Latvians there."


  1. Audrius ChornlaviciusDecember 8, 2009 at 3:01 AM

    Dear Editor, you cowardly worm,
    What do you have against Lithuanians?

  2. Dear Audrius,

    Cepelini. You fix me something better to eat, and we're golden.