Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Estonian Hunters Declare Christmas Ceasefire

Estonian Hunters Society will declare a Christmas peace, during which animals will not be hunted, National Broadcasting reports. The ceasefire, lasting from 24-26 December, will be declared by the society’s president Margus Puust, following a tradition started in 1993. During the Christmas peace, hunters wont hunt animals, instead they go to forests with their families and bring the animals food. Tiit Kulmrelv, a hunter from Laane-Virumaa said “it’s a time when we can show our humanity to the animals of our forest. It feels really great, and you can always shoot a few more of them later on to make up for it.” Juhan Pikknuga, the hunter’s society spokesman agreed. “I live in Tartu, and every year on the 24th I go to the city park and feed the ducks. They are cold in the Winter, so I like to bring one or two home to warm up in my oven. God bless us everyone.”

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  1. Hunters are silly, and this proves it. I'm a hunter; I should know.