Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Russia's New Year's Invasion

Last year at this time, 10,000 Russian tourists were awaited in Estonia. 15,000 showed up. "Isn't that just like the Russians?" said Feliks Fubar, director of Estonia's 2009/2010 Just Visiting campaign to attract Russian tourists. "You invite one, he brings three friends."
Fubar says his group's slogan is "based on that joke where a Russian tourist entering Estonia leaves a line blank on his entry form and the Estonian border guard asks him 'Occupation?' The Russian replies 'No, just visiting.' We decided to build a campaign on that."
Fubar has received praise internationally for his bold slogan. In addition to winning a Gold Lion at the Cannes Advertising Awards competition, the Kremlin has also praised the Estonians. "Finally, Estonia stopped taking themselves so seriously with that ironic 'Welcome' slogan," said Vladimir Rasribetrov, the Kremlin's communications liaison, "and Russians feel once again at home in Estonia." Rasribetrov said Russians were especially eager to spit sunflower seeds on the cobblestone sidewalks of Tallinn's Old Town and blow their noses in napkins and tablecloths of the city's fine restaurants.

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