Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baltic Standby's Čas Goes Deep Undercover

Born the fifth child of Norwegian bakers, Latvian tourism squad leader Eliots Ness, carried out his first raid yesterday. Along for the ride was Čas of Baltic Standby News. Eliots's squad visited six bars and nightclubs, according to Čas, "collecting a decent amount of various breaches and misdemeanours."
"Only the best municipality police persons can candidate for the tourism police post," wrote Čas, "and one of the preconditions is a good command of a foreign language."
Candidating for Latvia's police may be only elite few police persons with command foreign languages, but if your English isn't up to that, the Baltic Standby New may have a career waiting for you. Begin your life as an intrepid journalist here: Operators are standing by.

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