Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Savisaar Bests Latvian Prison Scheme

"That is nothing," said Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar when confronted with the news that Riga would be receiving hundreds of Bosnian criminals. "We've just inked a deal to bring 102,000 Avtovaz workers to Tallinn."
Avotvaz, Russia's largest carmaker, is suffering from major mismanagement, and can no longer afford to operate in the city of Tolyatti on the Volga river. Recently, the carmaker reported 7,500 automobiles "missing" from its dealer network. "Tallinn welcomes the Avotvaz workers," Mr. Savisaar said yesterday at a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony in the Tallinn neighborhood of Lasnamäe. While no new apartments will be built to house the workers, Savisaar said the workers would simply move in with "host families" in the Lasnamäe district. "Russians like living sixteen people to a small room," noted Savisaar. "They always want to know who's making soup, who's got a fresh bottle. They're a wonderfully gregarious and social people."
Savisaar said negotiations to construct a car factory were underway, but until that is formalized, all 102,000 workers would be employed as reisisaatjad (bus attendants) on Tallinn public transportation.

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