Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Invest in Latvia?

Coca-Cola, the global soft drinks producer, will not build a factory in Latvia, according to Atis Ezis, director of the Latvian Investment Agency, who met with the company's representatives today. “This is good news for Latvia,” said Ezis. “We have worked hard to get here, and with this announcement, Coca Cola joins a stellar roster of companies like IBM, BMW, Boeing, Hyundai and France Telekom, who are also not building factories in Latvia,” he said. “And the list goes on. It shows that these global giants all have Latvia in common. And that they are concerned for protecting Latvia’s environment.”
According to Ezis, there are similar efforts underway in other industries as well. “Nuclear power, for example,” he said “is another industry where we have closely coordinated our efforts with the Latvian government to ensure that we do not get any investment into safe independent energy for the future. No, it’s better to place ourselves in the good and trusting hands of our friends in Russia, who will send us gas, and cross their heart and promise to never ever ever switch the supply off.”


  1. Priceless! How about starting a column in BBN?

  2. We appreciate your compliment. However, BBN's financial resources are too limited to fund the far-reaching journalistic efforts we require to research a story of the above quality.
    Ernest J. McElvoy
    The Livonian Chronicle
    Associate Editor, Night Duty

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