Thursday, December 3, 2009

Security breach at Latvian State Television

There have been significant breaches of security at the Latvian State Radio and Television Center (LVRTC). “Someone is adding content without permission," said Voldemars Gravins, director of Latvian State Television. Last Tuesday pirate broadcasts of educational programming, non violent drama, and an independent investigative news show have replaced re-runs of the ‘A-Team’, a kafejnica based reality show called ‘Eat Me,’ and hour-long interviews with Vidzeme housewives about floral patterned housecoats.
“We won’t stand for it,” said Gravins angrily. “These pirates have no right to replace our programming. I myself selected the 3rd season of the A-Team for broadcast especially because Mr. T really hits stride with his character ‘dump truck.’" He continued, “And increased viewership and ratings means nothing. We're defending our culture!" he said. "God forbid that ‘Baywatch’ disappears.”

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