Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Taxes?

Tallinn city council chairman Renar Virtsu said that the city government has decided to implement several new local taxes next year to increase the income of the city, Postimees Online reports. “When we compiled the budget, we carefully looked through the income side and since it has contracted, we have to be creative to find new taxes,” Virtsu said. Asked what the new taxes will include, he said, “First, we’re going to tax Latvians. For too long they’ve roamed around Tallinn at no cost.” Virtsu continued, “an Exit Tax is an idea we’ve borrowed from Russia. Tired of Tallinn’s kitsch; ready to go home? Fine, pay up, and you’re free to go.” Next,” said Virtsu, “is the question mark tax. In Tallinn from now on our motto is, ‘ask a question, pay the city.’ This interview has just cost you 380 kroons. Any more questions?” he asked, smiling.

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