Thursday, December 10, 2009

EU President hopes Estonia gets the euro, and quick

European Council president Herman Van Rompelstiltskin said that he hopes that Estonia can join the euro area as soon as possible, National Broadcasting reports. “The whole of Europe was impressed by Estonia’s economic growth in the preceding years and I am too,” Rompelstiltskin said at a press conference in Tallinn on Wednesday. “And the sooner we are rid of the fiddly Estonian kroon the better. The metal coins aren’t metal, and the notes are littered with scowling people with bad hair. On the 2 EEK note Karl Ernst von Baer looks at me like I just fell out of a dog’s bottom. I burn those whenever I find them. It’s frightening I tell you.”


  1. i want two know who did Lydia Koidula's hair on the 100 kroon note. It's huge, and makes me think she may have been in a glam rock band at one point.

  2. Which one is Lydia?