Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Balts to Continue Using Upper-case "Y" in You

At this year's Speakee Anglish Eastern European Way Conference (sic) in the Lithuanian resort town of Nida, delegations from all Baltic states agreed to continue capitalizing the "Y" in You, regardless of where the word appears in a sentence. Mariliin Mõttetu, Estonian linguist and her country's Deputy Minister of Education, confirmed that all recognized the practice was "some goofy eastern European thing" but noted that "we're all so used to doing it we just decided to continue."
Other agreements at the conference include the pronunciation of the "L" in "salmon," as well as preservation of the phrase, "We wait you," which was considered essential for Baltic business communication. "Language is a living thing," said Ms. Mõttetu, "and with our help Baltish will survive well into the 21st century."

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