Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vilnius Ranked in Ten Cheapest

A British PriceRunner survey has crowned Oslo the most expensive city in the world and listed Vilnius among the world's ten least expensive cities. The survey compared prices of cigarettes, tabloids, Big Macs, eau de cologne sold from kiosks, hair dye, stiletto heels, illicit handguns, crack cocaine, blowjobs from hookers working in premium hotels, and kefir.
"We are proud to be cheap," said Vilnius city spokesman Gintaras Chivaloticius. "We've known all along we were cheap, and now we're pleased that the world has recognized it." Asked whether cheap was a sustainable argument for building tourism in the region, Chuvaloticius replied: "Cheap isn't just about price you know. I believe the tourists who visit Lithuania understand the subtleties of the word."


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