Sunday, December 13, 2009

Husky Murders Nativity-scene Lamb

Catholics reeled in horror as a local Siberian husky fled his dogsled exhibit at the Old Town Vilnius petting zoo and nativity scene and tore into a lamb standing next to Baby Jesus. A local photographer captured the first few frames of the attack (above). Within a fraction of a second the husky had severed the lamb's artery and blood spewed throughout the nativity scene, covering Joseph, Mary, as well as the Baby Jesus. "We had to change outfits there was so much blood," said Arturas Kornkavicius, who played Joseph. Magda Prutaviciene, a veteran player of Mary, called it "traumatic." The crowd was unsympathetic, however, and many cheered as the husky devoured the lamb. "Joseph, Mary, and Jesus do nothing but stand there and get paid for it," remarked witness Mikas Pintalavicius, who added that often the actors observe pickpockets work the crowd but remain quiet and stationery.
Services for the lamb, a member of Local 272 of the Screen Actors Guild, will be held Tuesday morning in Vilnius.

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