Monday, December 7, 2009

Handicapped Riga

Riga Vice-Mayor Ainars Slesers has expressed interest in building a cruise terminal on Kipsala island near Riga's city centre and has addressed his critics who were skeptical that an overweight American cruiser would be able to walk from Kipsala to the city center and return to his ship during the three to four hours the cruisers are usually given in port. "According to the city's plan, the entire island will become handicapped accessible," said Slesers, who speculated it might be the first truly handicapped-friendly development in all of Eastern Europe.
Plans include wheelchair ramps, heated sidewalks, lower countertops, and an amusement park where all rides can accommodate wheelchairs. Also, a smaller version of Old Town will be built from papier machet and cardboard (but complete with stripclubs) so that handicapped visitors can experience the wonders of Riga without leaving Kipsala.

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