Monday, November 23, 2009

Lithuanian Airports For Rent

Over ten months of this year, the number of passengers traveling through Lithuania's airports stood at 16,000, a decrease of 2,930 % year on year. According to Jonas Ksisniglasskvuicius, director of Lithuanian Department of Statistics, the majority of passengers seemed to have simply stopped coming. Of the few that couldn’t avoid the Vilnius airport, 15.9% were from the United Kingdom, “but they were drunk and thought they were in Liverpool, so it doesn’t really count,” said Ksisniglasskvuicius. 12.8% of passengers were from Latvia, 10% from Germany, and 8.4% from Ireland. The remaining 52.9% arrived on U.S. government planes, according to Ksisniglasskvuicius. “We were unable to determine their countries of origin, as they had all accidentally forgotten their passports, and most were hooded and unable to speak. The U.S. government officials traveling with them explained that this was just an elaborate game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ with government interns. At least someone is able to have fun in the Vilnius airport,” said Ksisniglasskvuicius.

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