Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Medal Rental Business Booms

Ordenirent's showroom has everything from medals to swords
"This time of year is a real crunch," says Ordenirent OÜ manager Kristi Sepp. "There are lots of parties and diplomatic functions and everyone wants to wear something shiny." Contrary to popular belief, says Sepp, most of the state decorations worn with white tie and tails are rented not owned. And politicians often disagree over who gets to wear what. "Last year Ainars Slesers and Edgar Savisaar both wanted blue medals, but we'd already rented those to the staff of the German embassy. The politicians demanded I cancel the German's order, and I had to tell them we just don't work that way."
Swords are also growing in popularity according to Sepp. "All the top ministers are wearing them." Sepp says new for this year's state reception season are eye patches and stick-on dueling scars. "The Estonians, in particular, go for stick-on scars," Sepp said. "The Latvians' black eyes and swollen, cut-up faces are usually real, though."
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