Friday, December 18, 2009

Latvian World Expo Pavilion Revealed

Remove Formatting from selectionLatvia is the last country to reveal its pavilion for participation at World Expo 2010 that will take place in Shanghai. The company Aerodium who was to build the Latvian pavilion for World Expo 2010, “totally forgot about it until last night,” said Aerodium board member Martins ‘DudzPetersons, “So,” he said, “like overnight we came up with this radical concept, which the Latvian World Expo finance committee totally approved.” Dudz explained the detail of the pavilion, saying “it’s symbolic. It represents what Latvia is today, and where we’re headed. It’s about nature, and solitude. It represents a ritualistic cleansing. More than anything else, it represents our political system, its unity, and the special essence it creates that our society needs in order to grow.” Asked about his opinion of the pavilion, Janis Ozolins, a Vidzeme dairy farmer, said “I think it’s shit.”

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  1. I think these idea is beautiful. of course there are will be jokes, but it is our nature, our history, our countryside, and it is beautiful. i think we should actualize this.