Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Selver's Latvian Konserv

Estonian supermarket operator "A-Selver" has closed its stores in Latvia and conserved them so that they can be re-opened when economic situation improves, "A-Selver" council member Toivo Juhul told "Aripaev". He said “We did this by boiling them in a sugar syrup, adding bay leaf, cloves, then placing them in sterilized jars with air tight lids.” Juhul allowed that the conserved stores have been transferred to his grandmother’s potato cellar near Kilingi-Nomme. “These stores have a long shelf life, so we will keep them until the market turns around, or until my grandmother’s 80th birthday,” he said, adding that “she really loves Latvia and is excited about her jubilee. So if the market hasn’t come back, we'll just serve them to her friends with lamprey and vodka.”

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