Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Savisaar Orders Christmas Tax

City inspectors in trucks will be making the rounds December 24th to enforce the mayor's edict that every second gift under the tree must go to the state. "I know it's tough," said Deputy Mayor Viktor Varas, "but it's the only way we can ensure city employees have a good Christmas."
Inspectors have been undergoing training for the past weeks where they learned how to spot gifts hidden elsewhere in the home. "Sometimes you'll see something nice in a home that's unwrapped," said Senior Inspector Mihkel Mats. "That object is very likely a gift and so we confiscate that, too." A favorite among inspectors are iPhones and iPods. "The best place to get those is from kids on the bus," said Mats. "They'll claim it wasn't a gift, and I just tell them, 'Hey, I'm only taking every second one I see.' Sometimes that works to calm them down. Estonians are very respectful of law and order." City officials said any surplus of gifts or any objects not wanted by members of the government would be sold at Kadaka market with the proceeds donated to fund Tallinn 2011.


  1. Were those his agents on the bus who swiped my iPhone from my pocket?

  2. Zipgun, I doubt it. But others may be taxing Christmas too.

  3. You might be eligible for a complimentary Apple iPhone 7.