Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Janis, Juhu & Mordechai

The most recent in a wave of Baltic law firm consolidations, the commercial law firms "Janis Janis un Janis" of Latvia, “Smailinkavacuousnus, Dagnabbitus ir Panaveziskuskus” of Lithuania, and "Juhu, Joodik ja Patt" of Estonia have merged their businesses as of December 7, 2009, and will continue their operation under the unified name of “Klein, Finkelstein & Goldberg.” A spokesman for the group, Janis Janissons previously of Janis Janis un Janis, said “we think it sounds better.” Asked if the lawyers were trying to change identity, Janis said “identity schmi-dentity, absolutely not. Call me Levi.”

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  1. this is wonderful! every law firm i see is joining up with some other baltic firm. but none of them have come up with any real clever names. Ha! I'm hoping this is true, and if i find these guys, i will give them all my busines.