Thursday, December 3, 2009

Estonia troop levels to remain stable in Afghanistan

Chairman of the Riigikogu Committee on National Defense Sten Aastelepp said that President Obama's new strategy for Afghanistan will not result in Estonia adding extra troops there, although some capabilities could be enhanced, writes EPL Online. Said Aastelepp, “Our light infantry camouflaged waiter brigade and mechanized sommeliers are recognized as the best in the theater. But we can get even better.”
"For example," he said, “We can boost morale of the NATO troops with the addition of anti-Taliban flair for our wait staff. And we will sling cheeseburgers even faster than we already do by using roller skates,” he added. Asked why he does not expect an increase in troop levels, Aastelepp replied “there’s only one canteen in Helmand Province, and our brigade of 7 camouflaged waiters has that covered. It’s not like we’re going to suddenly start serving the enemy, he added, proudly displaying a handwritten sign saying 'Taliban no served here.’ "

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