Monday, December 28, 2009

Americans Survive Thanks to Balts

In a nation where everyone's a hero, everyone is also a survivor. According to American newspapers, those who endured heavy snows and loss of electricity in the American state of Rhode Island survived thanks to Estonia and Latvia. In order to cope with the heavy snowfall, the United Nations quickly dispatched Estonian and Latvian military troops to America's east coast.
"This has all been one big geography lesson for me," said survivor Twila Tuttweiler of Providence, Rhode Island. "Did you know there's a country which is the same size as our state?" Estonian Private First Class Jüri Öö showed Tuttweiler which end of the shovel should touch the snow and allowed her to fire his Galil ARM 5.56mm assault rifle into the air, while Latvian troops taught Rhode Islanders the basics of their national sport, Buzkashi.

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