Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vote for me. Eat Well.

The daily Dienas Bizness has analyzed performance of Latvia's largest agricultural enterprises, such as Sabiedriba Marupe and Agrofirma Tervete. Altogether, Latvia's 100 largest agricultural enterprises did LVL 146.27 million turnover in 2008. By remarkable coincidence, every one of the 100 largest agricultural businesses belong to Andris Skele, Latvia’s former Minister of Agriculture, to his wife, daughter, son, dentist, or the family dog Rexs. Spokesmen for all of the 100 top agricultural businesses were unavailable for comment. But asked for a brief comment, Skele himself said “What I did for Latvian agriculture, I will do for the entire economy in this great country. Turn me loose and watch me work.”


  1. Does M. Skele really own all those companies? how could that be possible. surely the public would demand some kind of transparency when privatising state companies. don't they?

  2. Johannes, if he doesnt own all of them, he certainly does own most of them. the amazing thing is that latvians don't seam to care and may vote him in again as PM.