Friday, December 11, 2009

Millionth Estonian Publishes Personal Memoir

"How can I explain it? We like to read!" said Estonian Writers' Union president Peeter Pastakas. This week, Estonia celebrated the millionth personal memoir published this year. The author: 12-year-old Marta Moosinägu published her book, Marta 1-12. "Marta's book is a breakthrough," announced Pastakas to a roomful of fans and journalists. "She has truly broken new ground with her shocking descriptions of being forced to eat vegetables she dislikes. I'd say this book is as good or better than the 999,999 books written this year, and those were authored by celebrities!" Moosinägu next plans appearances on all of Estonia's 427 reality television shows.
Moosinägu is already at work on her next book, which she says will be released on her thirteenth birthday. "Girls from other countries dream of ponies," she said. "Estonian girls dream of writing books and touring in bad rock bands popular in Japan and Germany."

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