Thursday, November 12, 2009

Latvia PM's Battle Royale

People's Party Chairman Andris Skele will start his campaign for next year's elections today, and Ainars Slesers' campaign (Latvia's First Party/Latvia's Way) will get underway on Saturday, reports Diena. The battle will soon be joined by Aivars Lembergs (Union of Greens and Farmers). The three candidates have distinct platforms, with Skele touting his record as a successful businessman: “I have amassed an enormous food-based conglomerate of former state owned enterprises, while also acting as the Minister of Agriculture."
"This is multi tasking," adds Skele, "and it proves I am capable of managing Latvia’s problems, while not neglecting the growing needs of my personal businesses.” Lembergs’ campaign has dispensed with platforms, promising instead to pay each voter LVL 20 to vote for him. “I am the businessman,” is his campaign slogan. Ainars Slesers, asked to summarize his platform, responded simply, “I am the Jesus Christ. Vote for me.”

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