Monday, November 30, 2009

Chinese Stalk Estonian Businesses

Estonia's daily Äripäev reports Chinese businessmen are stalking Estonian companies for good buys in the logistics and transport sectors. According to the newspaper, the Chinese have offered Estonian businessman Anatoli Kanajev 100 million euros for his holdings in Transiidikeskus which operates the port of Muuga. Kanajev, spotted exiting his weekly Kung Fu lesson and getting into his Chery QQ3, did not offer comment.
Recently, the Economist reported that Chinese businessmen were considering acquiring Estonian Air from SAS. Sources close to the Livonian Chronicle say that once the Chinese actually flew with Estonian Air they quickly lost interest. "You know how Hitler said that he didn't have to attack Russia, that if he waited long enough the vodka would do the work for him?" said LC's source. "Well, that's about how the Chinese feel about Estonian Air. The longer they wait, the cheaper it's going to get."

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