Thursday, January 7, 2010

SAS Flies From Vilnius - Quickly

"SAS was the first international airline to operate regular flights from Vilnius Airport in 1992. They have many years experience carrying passengers from Lithuania and after a short break, we are pleased that they have announced their intent to fly from Vilnius,” said Judite Asnachochiziene, spokesperson for Vilnius International Airport.
But Judite has got it wrong, according to Bo Bittsen, SAS spokesman, speaking from Copenhagen. “We never said anything about flying to AND from Vilnius. No, we are flying FROM Vilnius – as fast as we can. Bless their hearts, those Lithuanians tried to renovate that airport, but it still screams “Welcome to Eastern Europe” in a nauseating taupe hued triangular window fashion. The country is forested for crissakes; don’t they like wood? I speak for the entire staff of SAS, and every one of our eight million passengers when I say, 'that place gives me the willies.' ”


  1. Calls to mind John Prine, one of the few Americans to sing about Lithuania.

    Make me an airplane that flies from old Vilna
    Make me a picture of an IMF loan
    Just give me one thing that I can hold on to
    To believe in the litas is just a hard way to go.

  2. Good stuff, especially the Christmas news& string of sensationalist Santa stories.