Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lithuania to help Haiti's quake victims

Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs will allocate 50,000 litas (14,485 euros) to the victims of a recent earthquake in Haiti. According to Lithuania's Foreign Minister Vygaudas Usackas, Lithuania is a responsible member of the international community and "cannot be indifferent to the catastrophe that affected other people, which is why we are sending this money." The Foreign Ministry Spokesman Algirdas Junketivicius, said the funds had been ear marked for Cabinet of Ministers conference on fiscal discipline, which was scheduled to begin tomorrow in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. "But the Haitians fucked that up with this annoying earthquake," he said. Asked why the amount was so small, he replied, "Small? We are sending them the money we would have spent on tips in the Haitian strip bars, and Mister, those are some big tips!" he said, adding "And I know the Lithuanian people would approve. Like us, they are a compassionate, and moral people."

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