Friday, January 29, 2010

Lithuanians Most Miserable

According to the survey Eurobarometer, only 55 percent of Lithuanians are satisifed with their life today. 45 percent categorized themselves as "downright miserable" checking additional boxes indicating their misery was the fault of Latvia, parliament, Estonia, Barack Obama, God, and "that bitch of a neighbor next door with her dog that won't stop barking."
More than half polled said they believed 2010 would be more difficult than 2009, and 94 percent pledged to move to Chicago as soon as their relatives could get clean sheets on the roll-out sofa.
Lithuania's flag, above.


  1. I would question the findings of this Eurobarometer report. I have carried out my own straw poll of Latvian citizens and discovered that 127 percent of them are either miserable, considering teleportation to a distant galaxy or prepared to live in a cave so as to avoid seeing other people.

  2. miserable damn lithuanians couldn't even bother to get their own flag, borrowing Germany's instead.

  3. it's not lithuanian's fault that someone does not know their flag!!!

  4. you're hilarious! I love your site