Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flick Bags 240 Grand, Doesn't Do Windows

Latvian national airline airBaltic president Bertolt Flick was paid LVL 240,000 in salary last year, according to Flick's income statement filed with the state revenue service. According to the local press, Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis will urge Transport Minister Kaspars Gerhards to reduce Flick's salary. "I don't understand why he won't work for free flights or sample bottles of duty-free perfume," said Dombrovskis during a press conference.
For his part, Flick said that if his salary was reduced he would no longer come in early to shovel snow off the runways and haul passengers' baggage. The airline's president also called into question whether he would continue in his starring role with "Air Baltic: The Musical" (photo right).


  1. I've seen Air Baltic The Musical and can tell you it's fantastic! Flick earns every bit of his salary in the grand finale dance number where he combines techniques he learned in Riverdance with some of his hometown jiveboy moves from East London. It is well worth the 55 LVL ticket price.

  2. Flick went through hours of makeup in order to play the bald guy (second from right). And his physical conditioning is remarkable. The man deserves 240,000 if any executive in Latvia deserves 240,000.

  3. Song list from Air Baltic The Musical:
    "That's a non-refundable ticket, bucko."
    "Would you like peanuts with your salt?"
    "All our stewardesses are hot and under 30."
    "We don't fly far enough to lose your bags."
    "Some of our pilots are licensed."