Monday, January 18, 2010

Estonian Air becomes X-Air

In a landmark deal, Tallinn's gentleman's club, the X-Club, has purchased SAS's shares in Estonian Air and taken control of the airline. "This should surprise no one," said X-Club spokesman Tiina Tissi, "since many considered us the government's strategic partner, anyway." Over the weekend, all Estonian Air's Boeing and Saabs were repainted with the X-Club logo.
Terms of the deal are confidential, but insiders said the deal was financed mainly with VIP X-cards for the Harju Street club. Estonian Air pilots have been temporarily retained but stewardesses have already been replaced. "The transition from adult entertainer to stewardess is not difficult for X-club dancers," said Tissi. "Our girls not only speak better English, but they've already memorized tricky phrases like 'return your seatback to its original, upright, locked position.'" The spokesman added that "airline phrases can be sexy when you let them be."
Estonian Air's new logo (left) adorns its Boeing and Saabs. The airline's Cessnas will not carry the new logo.


  1. It was only a matter of time until someone made this clever move. I think that given the status of women in the Baltic and the 18th century mindset of most of the men (including foreign businessmen like me), this will be a very successful airline. Will we see another story soon about Mr Flick trying to trump this new venture? Please?

  2. Will vertical silver poles be installed on all aircraft?

  3. I would for sure fly this airline. And I would not complain about paying for coffee and tea if I could stick a 100 EEK note in the stewardess underwear.

  4. It is better than LOT Polish airlines, where the stewardesses are ugly and mean and they punch you.