Monday, January 25, 2010

Latvian Communities Secede

In what appears to be a growing trend in Latvia, the residents of Mersrags in Kurzeme wish to secede from Roja Region, according to the Latvian newspaper Diena. But the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Governments will only be able to act after Roja residents express their opinion on the matter. Said one frequent visitor to the region, “They’re like the Shiites and Sunni’s out there – killing each other's goats, having blood feuds, honor killings – I say let ‘em separate.”
In the meantime, the town of Balozi does not want to merge with neighboring Kekava, because, according to official documents, “the name ‘Kekava’ means ‘leftovers’ in Greek, and is unsuitable for the citizens of Balozi.” In a sharp response Kekava town councilman Artis Atliekas said “that’s mighty rich coming from the residents of a town named ‘Pigeons.’" Other secessionists include Aluksne, who recently annexed itself to Oaxaca, Mexico because, according to Aluksne mayor Armands Arbuzs, “it will be easier to enter the U.S. and find work that way.” Finally, Mayor Sandijs Slinkot says his town, formerly known as Aizkraukle has changed its name to Bordeaux and adopted Napoleonic law, because, "the French don't work much and we don't neither."

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