Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aurora Cable Access Buys Estonia's Channels 2 and 3

Wayne Campbell, CEO of Aurora Cable Access Television (pictured left), said yesterday he had finalized a deal with Estonia's channels 2 and 3 and would assume immediate control. "For at least the next twelve months, Estonians will be treated to non-stop broadcasts of 'Wayne's World', including the movies Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2. It's the exact quality of programming these channels have proven time and time again that they wish to have." Campbell noted that a few episodes of "Wayne's Power Minute" would also run. Aurora Cable's head of programming, Garth Algar, will immediately take over as CEO of Channel 2, while Mr. Algar's father, Beev, will assume the same position at Channel 3.
"Although we are firing everyone currently employed at those channels, we are still interested in what the current executives think," said Wayne Campbell, adding his trademark "Not!" after a short pause. He noted that all "babes" working at the channels would undergo interviews and any "babia majoras" or "Babraham Lincolns" would be guaranteed jobs.


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