Monday, January 25, 2010

Tallinn Airport Removes Landing Fees; Builds Airplane Museum

In an attempt to boost competitiveness against regional airport powerhouses like Helsinki and Riga, Tallinn Airport Development Director Lauri Lendama says that the airport intends a radical move to eliminate landing fees entirely this Spring, Postimees Online reports. Lendama said in an interview that aviation is evolving so that fees from planes are falling while fees for passengers are increasing. “And we’re taking it to the n’th degree.” He said.
"It's in line with our development plan, which is simple," he said. "We let planes land for free. And then tell them our departure fees are four million dollars per plane,” he said with a sly grin. "Then, when they refuse to pay the fees, we impound the planes, and start our airplane museum. And we can sell tickets for that" he said, adding "tourists will flock from miles around, arriving by bus. Naturally, we'll let the buses park for free, but when it's time to leave they learn about our Bus Departure Tarriff."

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