Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Estonia Names Athletes, Wins Candy Bar Contract

Estonia's Olympic Committee never thought selecting its 27 athletes and 33 coaches for the Vancouver Winter Olympics could be so profitable. But Pepsico, a key sponsor of the Vancouver Olympics, monitors all entrant names, and almost immediately selected athlete Indrek Tobreluts. "No," said a Pepsico spokesman, "our new candybar will not be named Indrek. The 'drek' part is unappealing." It is the Tobreluts part that interests Pepsico, and beginning next month they will launch a 200-million dollar advertising campaign behind a new triangle shaped candybar. The Estonian Olympic Committee says they are confident some of the other athletes' names would be soon selected as product monikers. "Kaspar Kokk has a pretty interesting last name," noted an Olympic Committee member. "The Trojan people have opened discussions with us."


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