Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Milk Soup, And Other Estonian Culinary Triumphs

After the positive press Latvia received for commemorating the diplomatic "de jure" statehood recognition granted it years ago, Estonia hastily organized its own 'du jour' celebration. Lembit Lusikas, spokesman for Estonia's foreign ministry, claimed "Latvia's not the only one with traditions. Estonia has its own 'du jour' status, too. And today, we commemorate the historic 'Soup du Jour,' which is French for 'A Tiny Northern State With Blond Women and Six Toed Men Who Don't Talk So Much'."
Responding to critics who say 'soup du jour' is unrelated to the Latin phrase 'de jure', and that he made the whole thing up to get publicity, Lusikas said, "Oh no, we have blond women, and we are known for our soups! Like piimasupp (milk soup), for example, which is sublime, and simple. And," he added excitedly, "vanavillisokkisupp (old woolen sock soup) is a yummy mixture of congealed fat, lamb's wool, and day old rice that's served cold, like gazpacho." Lusikas continued, "Just as the word 'sauna' comes from Finland, Estonia has given the world 'soup.' You can find Estonian inspired culinary havens called 'soup kitchens' from America to Zimbabwe. You know, Hemingway supposedly said "in every port, you can find an Estonian," but the precise quote, from To Have and Have Not is, 'in every pot, there's Estonian soup.' Yes sir," he said, wiggling his many toes with enthusiasm.

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  1. Estonian has 96 words for soup. At least.