Thursday, January 7, 2010

Estonia Greets New Year with Taxes, Cigarettes

Estonia brought in the new year with increased excise taxes on cigarettes, petrol, and alcohol. The City of Tallinn also introduced new taxes on items such as boats, mountain bikes, iPods, iPhones, iPod Shuffles, Nike running shoes, Rossignol skis, Dunhill lighters, Partagas cigars, D&G sunglasses, and "anything else I think of that the Tallinn bourgeoisie in my country like to consume" noted Mayor Edgar Savisaar in a prepared statement delivered from the backseat of his S-class Mercedes Benz.
Kadri Simpson, Centre Party member of parliament's finance committee and Centre Party praised Mr. Savisaar's tax initiative, noting that "it's the best thing he's done since giving away free potatoes and firewood to Estonian citizens." Simpson said Centre Party strategists were busy organizing a "massive giveaway" for the spring where "millions upon millions of cigarettes will be given free to citizens in need."


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