Monday, January 25, 2010

Gas to Cost 30% More

Natural gas tariffs in Latvia will increase in spring, writes Dienas Bizness. Latvijas Gaze enigmatic board chairman Serejs Skaititajs, in a press conference yesterday, said "As the economic crisis ends in Europe, consumption of oil products will increase sharply, and therefore gas prices will increase too."
Asked why, after record high oil & gas inventories and a worldwide recession, increased consumption should result in higher instead of lower prices, he said “it’s as simple as understanding that trees waving back and forth is what makes the wind blow. It’s a force of nature, man. An enigma, wrapped in Ritalin, baked in Alaska. I am the walrus." Asked to clarify this, a visibly displeased Skaititajs said "The prices are fucking going up, alright?”

1 comment:

  1. Just turn off the gas supply to the Baltics and be done with it. I'm sick of hearing pensioners and young couples mired in debt moaning about how much gas and electricity cost. If you can't afford it, die or move to Panevezys.
    You don't hear poor people in Sudan complaining about how much they have to pay for their winter heating bills!