Tuesday, January 5, 2010

French Assume Defense of Baltic Air Space

The German Air Force handed over defense of Baltic air space to the French Air Force on Monday. "We will use four Mirage 2000 jets to patrol the skies," said French General Antoine la Bitte, "at least until we can get a contract to sell them to the Russians." La Bitte said that talks were underway with Estonian Air to lease their Cessna 150s the airline uses to service its Tallinn-Stockholm and Tallinn-Helsinki routes. "These planes are used only once a day and only half filled with passengers," said la Bitte. "Us borrowing them for a few patrols in the middle of the day will be noticed by no one." La Bitte bristled at questions concerning the sale of the planes in the wake of a French bid to sell an aircraft carrier to the Russians, remarking, "We see no conflict. We have offered to put the Nord Stream logo on the side of both the planes and the carrier."
To commemorate French control of Baltic airspace, the restaurant aboard Estonia's ferry to the island of Hiiumaa offered a special "Pork Fillet by French" (photo at right).

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