Friday, January 29, 2010

J.D. Salinger Dies, Leaves Estate to Estonia

Jerome David Salinger, recluse author of The Catcher in the Rye, died yesterday at 91. A winter resident of New Hampshire and summer resident of the seaside neighborhood of Pirita in Tallinn, Estonia, Mr. Salinger left his entire estate to the Pirita Vabajakeskus [Pirita Free Time Center, -ed.] where he enjoyed spending time at the bar with Estonian writers.
Salinger lived the last fifty years of his life in seclusion, each summer spent in Estonia where he befriended novelists Jaan Kross and Mati Unt. While, the western press occasionally reported that Salinger drank his own urine, ate only frozen peas for breakfast, and sat for hours in an orgone box, he was able to pass unnoticed in Estonia. "In fact," noted Jaan Kross, "Mati and I were the only Estonians who ever spoke to him."
In Salinger's honor, the Pirita Vabajakeskus will rename its bar Pissibaar. "Although none of us could ever be bothered to speak to him, we believe Jerome was a good person," said bar manager Imbi Int. "And like a true gentleman, he always drank his urine at room temperature."

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  1. Any coincidence that Steven Patrick Morrissey has been knocking about in the Baltics recently?