Monday, January 25, 2010

Zatlers Almost Dismisses Saeima

Latvian President Valdis Zatlers last week was close to being the first president of Latvia to dismiss the Saeima, writes daily newspaper Neatkariga. Zatlers was engaged in attempts to reconcile New Era with the People's Party in order to achieve political stability ahead of a landmark Saeima vote authorizing the government to continue talks with international lenders, and had threatened to dismiss the Saeima if this reconciliation did not succeed. Although Zatlers did not manage to reconcile the two parties, he did not carry out his threat because, according to one aid who wished to remain anonymous, “he was pretty busy.”
Other things President Zatlers almost did last week included skydiving, riding a motorcycle in the nude, and “once,” Zatlers' spokesman admitted, he almost passed wind at a State Dinner. “Thankfully, he didn’t,” said the spokesman, quickly adding – “it was his chief of staff.”

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