Monday, January 4, 2010

Savisaar: Snowfall Truly an Achievement

Weather stations in Tallinn reported 62 centimeters of snow over the holiday, besting the city's 1968 record by three centimeters. "This is truly an achievement," said Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar, "and it shows what Tallinners can accomplish when supported by the right political leadership." Savisaar noted that the 1968 snowfall was also not a coincidence but rather "the result of government which is in many ways remarkably similar to our Tallinn city government in 2010."
On Toompea in the halls of parliament, members of Andrus Ansip's government did not long celebrate the record but quickly mobilized staff to send out press releases to western media. "This snowfall is an accomplishment to be proud of," said Prime Minister Ansip, "and it's another reason people will come from all over the world to learn from Estonians."

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