Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Latvenergo Remote Electro Sticks

On Monday Lithuanian news agencies reported that Russia and Belarus had failed to reach agreement on power transit conditions via Belarus, which could threaten power supplies to Lithuania. Responding to this news, Latvenergo spokesman Andris Volts said that emergency situations cannot be ruled out, but he didn’t think one likely. Asked to clarify this statement, he said. “Latvenergo burns lots of coal, we have a hydroelectric stations, and there’s always Ignalina just over the border.” Reminded that Ignalina was shut down on 31 December, he said “Oh. Really? Well then, we’ll just rely on Russia. They’ve always proven themselves a reliable and trustworthy partner, right? And our backup plan, just in case, are to sell these handy Latvenergo Brand Remote Electro Sticks."(see foto)

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