Thursday, January 14, 2010

To Do, 2010

The USA's National Public Radio has predicted what Barack Obama's 2010 To Do List might resemble. The list includes: Pacify Afghanistan, Draw down troops in Iraq, Counter Iran and North Korea, Manage China's rise, Close Guantanamo, Reach out to pariahs, Avoid disaster in Pakistan, Progress on climate change, Manage global economy, Put domestic priorities first.
The staff of the Livonian Chronicle invites her readers to put their heads together and come up with what are likely to be the Baltic leaders' To Do Lists for 2010. Our Estonia-based editor, Hank, kicks it off in the comment section below.


  1. Toomas Hendrik Ilves' To Do List for 2010: Piss off Russia, Fund Eurovision, Preserve Ansip and Reform in parliament, Weaken Centre Party's hold on the city, Get Mack's stop putting that pink sauce on their otherwise good cheeseburgers...

  2. Ilves To Do:
    Keep wife's picture out of trashy society magazines.
    Ask wife to think before writing provocative letter to parents about food additives.
    Have wife not deny statements after journalist tape records interview.

  3. Ilves: Get Some Actual Political Power, Cease Wearing Clip-Ons, Gain Some Weight Back, Spend Less Time at Pädaste, Manage Wife, Try on Some Crowns in the Mirror at Home

    Zatlers: See How Far A Passing Resemblance to David Bowie Might Take Him, Visit a Neighbouring Country Claiming To Be David Bowie, Visit a Neighbouring Country Claiming To Be the President of Lithuania

    Whoever's the president of Lithuania now: Visit A Neighbouring Country Claiming to Be A President of A Neighbouring Country