Thursday, January 14, 2010

Latvian Violinist Dazzles in Face of Denied Asylum

Stripped of his dressing room's makeup mirror by the Latvian state as punishment for his attempted defection to Japan, Latvian Symphony Orchestra's first chair violinist Edgars Lazo stood and delivered a stunning performance of Bach's Partita in D minor at Tokyo Opera City. Enthusiastic Japanese fans, clearly aware of the difficulty of the Ciaccona, or the fifth movement of Bach's solo for violin, mobbed the stage and carried the violinist on their shoulders into the streets. "This is the greatest day of my life," said classical music fan Shunghee Yubahashi. "Lazo's performance of the fifteen minute Chaconne [Ciaccona, -ed.] was astonishing."
Latvian authorities, however, were unimpressed. Armed Latvian militia followed Lazo and his fans into the street, though they later lost track of their subject and were later discovered at a local strip club. "The first thing we learn in police work," said officer Arnolds Slesers, "is that when you're lost you stop moving around; find the closest strip club and wait for help to arrive."
Lazo returned to his symphony colleagues at the hotel by his own volition. "I still want to defect from Latvia, and I will try again." he said. "But not before I have performed the Penderecki violin concerto number 2 for the people of Japan." Lazo noted that Anne Sophie Mutter had once played it. "But," he sniffed, "mine will flow like oil."

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