Monday, January 4, 2010

Putin, Medvedev Vacation in Latvia

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitri Medvedev spent yesterday skiing at Sigulda, Latvia's bobsled and ski resort. In an attempt to demonstrate a harmonious relationship, the two wore matching ski outfits, including red knit hats. Putin's gloves, however, were white, while Medvedev chose to wear black. "It's because I'm good and he's evil," said Putin to a reporter who asked for an explanation. "But actually," answered Medvedev, "he wears black underwear and I wear white underwear." "I wear no underwear at all," rejoined Putin. "Just ask your wife." Medvedev then chuckled loudly while Mr. Putin dug a tin of chewing tobacco out of his pocket and offered a pinch to the president.
Both the president and prime minister praised the skiing conditions in Latvia. Before returning to the Kremlin the leaders were scheduled to tour the district of Jurmala which Mr. Putin is rumored to have recently purchased. Mr. Medvedev bought Rigas Balsams and Stenders soap (the companies) as gifts for his wife. Mr. Medvedev said he would spend Russian Orthodox Christmas (January 7) in Tallinn at an Old Town hotel which he has also purchased for his wife.


  1. I came to know about this while watching the news today. Putin and Medvedev must have skied in the top ski resort in the Latvia.